Custom Steel Tongue Drums



Mayuca Drums is comprised of two women, Michele and Carly, who are best friends and creative partners. We both live in Philly and have been creating art together for a couple years. We first were introduced to the steel tongue drum in Mexico from a friend who had made one. The mix of rhythm, tone, and resonance had our hearts. It seemed like such an approachable instrument that could be learned and enjoyed with minimal skill or as a skilled musician. With such a meditative and healing property, this instrument drew us in and left us wanting to know more about it and to have one of our own. With some research, we we able to learn the name of the instrument and discovered how to make a very basic drum.


We are a great team because we approach the art of making these instruments in a very different way and have very complementary skills. We couldn’t complete these drums without the support of our Philly maker community, and especially our dear friend Adolphe, who has been helping us learn and develop this process through it all!